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I got a new set of colored markers! You know what that means, no more endless bitching about a lack of supplies!

.....and that's it. I'll give you guys an old, unreleased, and kind of suggestive Raundi to make up for the lack of anything meaningful. Because repurposed old stuff that wasn't intended to see the light of day is the best kind of gift, isn't it? Isn't it great to not put effort into anything?! Great news for the future of this account! by TheFugitoid
Between a certain friend coming back, and certain things I love re-inspiring me, I've been trying so many new things in my art! This also means better quality art for all the valuable watchers I have, so I'm quite excited. I honestly was quite down this month, but now things are looking quite upward! I'm SO excited about all the new pieces I've got to finish, I'm gonna give you a preview of one! Hope you enjoy this and all my future art, my watchers who I'm ever grateful for! I gotta sleep now though. (Grr...bad sleeping schedules! It's 11 in the afternoon, geez!)I'm so excited! by TheFugitoid
I forgot to show you guys this, but this comes from my lovely sister :icontheELFknownasErinlee ! She said it was okay to post AGES ago, so here's her interpretation of Humanoid Raundi! A Raundi too beautiful for us humans.  by TheFugitoid
The wonderful :iconuncleherman: introduced me to roleplaying with people online! (I used to only do it with my siblings.) I roleplay either my own characters or established characters, whatever you want really!

My Discord (where I roleplay at) is RaundiNumbah1Orbdroid#5093 ! Hope to see you (if you're interested) there!
I haven't done of these in a while! Whudda think's goin' on 'ere? (Trying to sound like I have a Brooklyn accent.)DBZ Out Of Context #2 by TheFugitoid
If any of you are interested, my ID is RaundiNumbah1Orbdroid#5093!
Hey guys! I'm working on my FIRST animation in years, and it stars #raunditherobot ! It's only gonna be a couple of seconds, but they're (hopefully) a couple of COOL seconds!
For what, exactly? Well, if you're wondering why I'm replying to comments and stuff at weird times, it's because I've thrown off my own sleeping pattern. I've been nocturnal, basically. So apologies to you all, and I'm gonna go to bed now, see ya!

Here's a preview of something I'm working on, before I go to sleep: An explanation. by TheFugitoid
I'm too self obsessed....WHY DO I ALWAYS SHOVE MY CHARACTERS INTO SHIT?! by TheFugitoid
I got an awesome how to draw book by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird today! They're the guys who invented the TMNT, and that's what they used to sell the book. Hey, whatever, as long as the contents are awesome. (Which they are.) Seriously, it reminds me of "How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way", but with the turtles as the dominant subjects. AW YEAH GIMME SUM TOITLE SOUP by TheFugitoid
Out of context, what do you think is going in here? DBZ Out Of Context #1: by TheFugitoid
I have been waiting for this game for so, SOOOO long. And now it's FINALLY HERE! So satisfying..... FINALLY.... by TheFugitoid
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that yes, I do indeed take commissions! Firstly, I only take PayPal. My PayPal is (When paying through to me, please only send the money to "Friends and Family.") Here are my prices:

Bust Shots. (Hands and arms can be included, depending on the pose.)
Sketch: $5 Inks: $10 Flat Color: $15 Shading and Highlights: $20

Down to mid-thigh/Half-Body.
Sketch: $10 Inks: $15 Flat Color: $20 Shading and Highlights: $25

Full Body.
Sketch: $15 Inks: $20 Flat Color: $25 Shading and Highlights: $30

Disclaimers: Extra characters cost 10 each. Also, I only work on the picture once I am paid. Thanks for looking!